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House Prices 2022: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Brexit, Covid, Inflation rates. Every few weeks, months or even years, there’s a new reason convincing you to buy a property or to not buy a property. For most people, the overload of information in this respect is not only conflicting but also daunting. In particular for first time buyers or those investing larger sums of money in luxury real estate. At The Belfair Group, we not only aim to guide both...

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Selling and Buying Luxury Properties in the UK

Real estate is a big driving factor in the UK’s economy. Although it has its ups and downs, it’s fair to say that irrespective of who you are and what you do – real estate is the best way to consolidate your wealth, and when you dive deeper into the majestic world of real estate, you stumble across luxury. That too in London – the heart of the UK. If you are thinking about selling your luxury...

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